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OIC Tax Planner

Created by professionals for professionals!

The OIC Tax Planner desktop application is interactive desktop software downloaded and stored directly on your computer. The system provides all the required forms, information, and help when confronted with the IRS collection process.

  • The OIC Tax Planner is for the tax pro having an intermediate level of understanding of the intricacies of tax representation.
  • Our software has helped thousands of our clients just like you secure that elusive IRS acceptance of an OIC, Installment agreement, or Uncollectable status for their clients.
  • Form help buttons are provided throughout.
  • Automatic updates and computation of standards are provided.

What you will find is software that will help you obtain for your client a successful tax resolution at a reasonable price all bundled together in a fill-in-the-form program that allows you to enter information once and flow to appropriate schedules, forms, and overflow sheets, generating ready-to-submit forms.

A list of all the forms and publications included in the OIC Tax Planner can be found in our FAQ section.

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OIC Tax Planner - Network Edition

The network edition of OIC Tax Planner is designed for office environments where company files are accessed across a Windows network - regardless of whether those files are worked on by multiple users or a single user. 

There are two network scenarios which are supported:
1.  The OIC Tax Planner application is installed on multiple workstations.  The client database is placed in a shared location on the network and is used and shared by these different installations.
2.  The OIC Tax Planner application is installed on multiple workstations.  The client database is stored on the company's database server.  The supported database servers include all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later. 
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The IRS is constantly updating the forms so your OIC Tax Planner team is always checking for new forms, This ongoing process allows you to use the software with confidence.

New IRS Collection Standards!

The IRS collection standards have been updated.  We've updated the OIC Tax Planner to incorporate

  • IRS collection standards - updated April, 2021.

  • Form 433A (OIC) - updated April 2021.

  • Form 433B (OIC) - updated April 2021.

  • Form 656 - updated April 2021.

  • Publication 1854 - updated April 2021.

  • Form 4506T - updated March 2021.


We continue to work hard to keep the OIC Tax Planner up to date.

 - Your OIC Tax Planner team