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OIC Tax Planner - Online Edition

OIC Tax Planner Online is the latest addition to our OIC suite of applications. It gives you the power to do online what you were doing on your desktop before, and in addition, access your forms and data from anywhere and effortlessly collaborate with your colleagues and your clients.

The online version works on a subscription basis where you choose the renewal period and maximum number of users. You can change your subscription and upgrade at any time.

OIC Tax Planner Online provides online all forms that are available in the OIC Tax Planner Application and will allow you to manage your client forms and data and prepare your OIC on our member site. You can work from anywhere and easily collaborate with your clients throughout the data collection and approval process, including test for eligibility with our Q-Test tool.

Please select your subscription plan

Unlimited Users:

  Unlimited Users, Annual $1599.00
  Unlimited Users, Semi-Annual $899.00
  Unlimited Users, Quarterly $479.00

Up to 5 Users:

  5 Users, Annual $999.00
  5 Users, Semi-Annual $579.00
  5 Users, Quarterly $309.00

Single User:

  1 User, Annual $399.00
  1 User, Semi-Annual $224.00
  1 User, Quarterly $124.00