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  OIC Tax Planner

Created by professionals for professionals!


OIC Tax Planner provides the practitioners with the same instructions the revenue officer must follow. By clicking the Help button the practitioner can access the appropriate form and IRS collection instructions.




  • Downloadable directly from the Internet
  • Q-Test - allows you to prescreen clients for eligibility before filling out the tedious 433A and 433B forms 
  • Official tables for allowable deductions are incorporatated into the software
  • Automatic calculations
  • Dynamic Help module with practioner comments
  • Automatically generates these (and other) critical IRS forms:


Form 433A and Form 433A (OIC) Individual Information, Form 433B and Form 433B (OIC) Business Information  

Form 433F Collection Information Statement

Form 656 Offer in Compromise Revised

From 656 L doubt as to Liability

Form 656 PPV

Form 2848 Power of Attorney

Spousal forms, installment agreement requests, etc.


(see our FAQ section for the full list of forms)


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